Welcome to Casa Serena

There comes a time in life when one learns to value the comforts of reassurance and peace of mind more than ever. The true meaning of these. comforts lies in the thought that one's needs can be immediately and professionally cared for at any time of the day or night. Home is where the heart is. Casa Serena is a genuine homely residence that aims to offer an unequalled standard of excellence in terms of ambience, comfort, service, and above all, medical care.

Respite Beds

There are also those who seek our care for convalescence after a medical intervention, or those who simply would like to take a break from the daily routine. We welcome everyone and provide the utmost care and attention you rightfully deserve

Night Care

At Casa Serena our care workers and nurses work round the clock offering the residents comprehensive medical care that you can trust.

Meals and Diets

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served in our dining area or in the comforts of one’s own room. Residents are encouraged to host friends or relatives for meals and afternoon teas.